Legal Innovation is hard, and the legal profession is not going to change itself. We need you to make a difference. Dutch Legal Tech supports legal innovation. We connect people, ideas, and organizations, so that we can learn and grow together. Let’s make a change!

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Dutch Legal Tech is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to accelerate legal innovation. We do this by organizing events and connecting people. Dutch Legal Tech is an open community, and everyone with an interest in legal innovation is welcome to join us. We have been active since 2014

In our Legal Tech Meetups, we invite top international legal innovators to share their thoughts with us and to engage in a discussion with the Dutch community. The drinks afterwards are a great networking opportunity.

The Legal Tech Startup Awards are the stage for promising startups to present themselves to the world.Previous winners were: Clocktimizer, Signrequest, and LeReTo.

Dutch Legal Tech was founded in 2014 by Jeroen Zweers & Jelle van Veenen.